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Certification: CCB #62252, OCHI #117

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I have a friend who is buying a new construction home and they didn’t know they should have it inspected.

We had a contractor out for an evaluation of some repairs our house needs and it really totaled up to more than we were planning on.  Do you think we should get a second opinion?

We own a rental house.  We had it inspected and what peace of mind to know it is in good shape and what things we need to fix to save thousands.

We had a home inspector out to check out our house since he does not do repairs.  I like the independence from an inspector since they don’t do the repairs.


Certification: CCB #70831

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Have you had your (home/Business) checked for pests in the past 5 years?

What would you do if you had a carpenter ant infestation?

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Are you still relying on Yellow pages to attract new business?

Does it feel like your web site is hidden from the world?

Does it seem like the internet is a complete waste of time and money?

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8705 SW Nimbus, Ste 207, Beaverton, OR 97008

“Your Commercial Real Estate Resource to buy, sell, or lease Commercial Real Estate.”

9266 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005, USA

Professional,dedicated and motivated Auto Dealer/Broker. Over forty years experience in the automobile industry. Consultative approach puts client satisfaction and retention first. With Resources second to none, I will save you Money, Time, and Hassle. For all of your Automotive needs, please give me a chance at doing what I do better than all of the rest combined.

Specialties: negotiation, client retention, consultative sales, automobile industry knowledge

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I called my Insurance Agent last Tuesday and he hasn’t called me back.

This is an awesome (restaurant/store/business).  Who handles your insurance?

I love your home.  I just did a review on my policy and found out I was underinsured.  Have you checked your policy?

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Isn’t this Real Estate Market crazy?

I wish I could figure out how much I could get for my house.


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Can you believe the bad accident _________ was in?  He’ll certainly need a good attorney.

Trying to settle this claim with the insurance company is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I wish I knew an attorney that could help me with this.

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Can you believe the price of printer ink?

What do you do with your empty toner cartridges?

Where do you get your toner?

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What’s that Noise?

How long has that light been flashing?

Is that smell coming from your car?

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Do you deal with someone different every time you place a printing order?

Does your Printer know you as a person and a customer?

Is your printing job delivered on time?

Is your print quality satisfactory?


Certification: CCB #169414

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I need a new Roof…

How do I know who to trust?

I don’t know anything about roofing so is price my only factor?

I have heard horror stories about contractors. Where do I go to find out who’s who?

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Isn’t it crazy how fast business rules change on us all of the time.

Isn’t it crazy how many strategies can be used to help measure the success of your business.

Doesn’t all of that accounting paperwork clutter your brain and need to be organized for you.

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Did you know that cleaning your carpet usually costs less than a major grocery shopping trip, when my carpet cleaner is called into most homes.

Yes, you think you need to replace your carpets, but you would really be surprised how much better they can look right now until you can afford to replace them.

Are you replacing your carpet because you want to or think you have to?

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What’s going on with tax protected investments, these days???

Everyone is talking about the Fiscal Cliff.  Do you think that will happen?

My biggest concern is that I will outlive my money.

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I have a bad smell at my house I just can’t figure out.

My toilet does not flush correctly every time.

I called a plumber and their prices were “very high.”

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I am a Small Business Lender specializing in the following:

– Commercial Real Estate Loans (purchases & refinances, owner/user & investment properties)
– Business Equity Lines of Credit
– Business Operating Lines of Credit
– Equipment Loans & Leases
– SBA Loans (504, 7a & SBA Express)
– Practice Finance Loans (practice purchases, start ups, refinances and partner buy ins for dental, optomotry and veterinarian practices)

My Story :

I am currently going on my 5th year with U.S. Bank. I was given the opportunity to work hands on in every position of the retail branch before advancing to Branch Manager of the U.S. Bank Orenco Station Branch in Hillsboro, OR. It was in this high growth area concentrated with businesses in the manufacturing and hi-tech industries that I first found my true passion. Building relationships and being an advocate for Small Businesses in my community.

Naturally I progressed into a new position a little over a year later where I now have the opportunity to spend all of my time working with Business owners to help make their Commercial Real Estate and other credit needs a reality. I have since worked from office locations in SE Portland off of Woodstock Blvd and now out of our newest Branch addition in West Linn.

I share this story because I truly believe that all Commercial Loan Officers ultimately do the same thing and provide similar products or services. What truly differentiates one from another is the relationship built and the experience provided. These relationships are built on the same fundamentals as any other,
Trust, Communication, Honesty and Belief.

I pride myself on being my clients biggest advocate and allow my passion for Small Business to become a passion for the success of my clients.

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Certification: NMLS #116995, MLO #116995

Conversation Starters

Are you throwing money away on rent?

Do you want to buy, but don’t think you can afford the down payment?

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