Business Networking Meeting Notes April 23, 2015

News of interest

  • Poker folder holder for next week: Pat Flora
  • Training Seminar:
  • April 30th, Business Development Meeting
  • Summer Picnic, Wednesday July 29th 6pm
  • Get on the Letip Wired meeting and update your profile – see Jim Wentworth if you have questions
  • You can now add testimonials on this website! Find your service provider and “Write a Review”.
  • Speak off: in your presentation next week, give your commercial as if it is a speak off.

Anniversaries for April

Give them a hand–maybe even click on the link and take them out for coffee!

Got something to say? Say it here on the new Tigard / SW Metro LeTip Chapter Website.

Why publish announcements on the website? Because it will build new links to your business website and increase your internet visibility. More info will be forth coming, but start thinking about what you want to say. Up to 10 member announcements will be published along with the weekly meeting notes (this article) along with random group photos, tip information, speaker tips and links to featured speakers.

Please text Alyssa Young if you can’t make the meeting.

Didn’t get all your questions answered, that’s a great reason to have a visitation with them.

  • Those who provide a validated, outside tip to a speaker of the previous week get a gift card.
  • If you tip a speaker, remind them so they can point you out and you can get your gift.

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