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Car issues? Look no further than Metro Car Care. Best in Town!
  • Guest reviewed 3 years ago

Words can’t explain how much I love Metro Car Care. From the work they’ve done for me personally or the service they’ve provided to the friends I have referred to them. They go so far above and beyond what is expected it’s astounding. I cannot image where I’d be (or couldn’t be) without them, I am so grateful for everything they’ve done for me. I am a customer for life and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Thanks Kirk, Wayne and the guys!

Home Owners Insurance
  • Debi Vann reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

After I got my Vehicle Insurance my Homeowners policy canceled me because I “live in the woods” which they knew when they accepted me for insurance. Once again Ralph came to the rescue and got me covered and took all of my worries and stress away. Thank you Ralph!

It was a pleasure to see my agent again.

So just when business is good and I am ahead of the game, my wonderful insurance agent catches me and reminds me that it is renewal time for the business insurance. Yippee, boy was not ready for that! BUT it is ok, because Ralph makes it smooth and simple, I paid up the renewal and no offense meant but I hope I don’t have to talk to him at all for another year except for renewals. Thanks Ralph, pricing is great and your service is stellar.
Johnny Bravo Services

Above and Beyond
  • Joe Young reviewed 3 years ago

I approached Denise about acquiring a space for my office and she not only answered all of my questions but she got me thinking about my business plan, mission statement and goals for my office. She could have just sold me on some spaces but she is helping me make sure that I get into the right space for my needs. When I lease or buy I plan on using her and referring my friends.

  • Robert Caress reviewed 3 years ago

Kirk and the team at Metro Car Care are simply the best. They are always fast , friendly and affordable. Out All the repairs that have been made on all our cars over the years i have never had to return beacuse the job wasnt done right. they Know Exactly what there need to be done Bumper to Bumper. Great price on Tires To !!

I thought my carpet was ruined, but Ken saved it!
  • Guest reviewed 4 years ago

Ken came in and made my carpets look brand new AND made sure my indoor cats didn’t sneak outside while he did it! It was affordable and saved me from having to re-carpet my whole office- so stoked!

  • Kay Bejarana reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

John cleaned out our loft! We had a variety of “stuff”. We had a pool table. John found someone who wanted it, and then moved it out!
The rest was accumulated stuff.
I really appreciate that John doesn’t just take it all to the dump. He recycles what can be recycled and donates what is useable!
He reasonable, thorough, on time, gives a complete estimate!
I recommend him to my friends!

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Lyndy Martushev - Stone Age Marble and Granite

Ralph reviewed our personal and commercial policies. Not only was he able to save several hundred dollars, he found a mistake made by the previous company and we are getting a refund of over $ 1000.00. Great job Ralph!

  • Kerin reviewed 4 years ago

I have been renting from Uptown Property Management from the last year and it has been a very positive experience. The place I am staying in is older and, especially when the weather turned freezing, has had some issues with the pipes. Uptown always has a plumber there the same or next day and it is absolutely no hassle on my end. The Uptown website is fantastic. I can log in as a tenant and pay my rent online directly from my checking account. If I ever need to reference my lease, I do not need to save a paper copy, it is right there on the site under my information. I would absolutely recommend Uptown to friends and I would be happy to rent another property from them in the future.

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